Aquaponics is a combination of aquaculture (the growing of fish and other aquatic animals) and hydroponics (the growing of plants without soil) in one recirculating environment.

      In aquaponics, the fish produce waste that the nitrifying bacteria convert into nutrients for the plants. Plant roots absorb these nutrients to thrive. In return, the plant roots clean and filter the water for the fish to live.


What we do for you?

We provide service to setup aquaponics in your home or garden. We also provide training to maintain aquaponic setup.

    The most common fish raised in aquaponics systems are tilepia, carp, catfish, trout, largemouth bass, salmon, yellow perch, bluegill, jade perch, barramundi, goldfish, koi, tetras, guppies and other aquatic animals such as shrimps.

    The most common plants that grow in aquaponics are spinach, exotic vegetables, fruits etc.

    You can place seeds on the coir coins and keep it into the netted cups. You can add clay balls in the netted cups to avoid evaporation of water.

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