Landscaping is both the art of designing and outdoor and indoor space. Landscaping usually involves planting things like trees, ground cover, flowering plants as well as installing features like paths, walls, fences and patios.

             Landscaping brings reduction in runoff water, protection against local flooding, control extreme temperatures, soil erosion and reduction in rate of evaporation.

What we do for you?

 We provide service to set up landscape for decorating your space both indoors and outdoors.  

Plants that are used for decorating land scape are Bougainvillea, Sunshine ligustrum, Leucophyllum laevigatum, Orange jasmine, Pisonia alba, Sygonium, Catharanthus roseus, Allamanda, Spider lilly, Veicha merrclili golden palm, Pink and orange trumpet bush, Broad leaf lady palm.

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